VinZ is the name of one of the most original street artists out there at the moment. The works that VinZ creates are completely new, unique and astonishingly beautiful. Furthermore they carry a strong underlying message along the lines of Banksy, but executed in an entirely artistic form. VinZ creates human/animal hybrids that fight for civil rights. His collage pieces depict combinations of naked humans with birds, fish, bulls and reptiles, depending on their role in his artwork. While avian hybrids are the loving creatures; fish are symbols of consumerism; bulls are freedom fighter; and reptiles the oppressing force. The Birds are VinZ’s symbol for freedom, fighting for equality against everything that stands in their way. His artworks are a brave critique of the current global policies, which strive to artificially establish order in civil societies, but at the very high cost of personal freedom.

Vinz was born in 1979 in Valencia, Spain, where he currently lives and works. Feel Free Project was born at the beginning of 2011. Society is in crisis. We’re seeing the death throes of the old system, but the new one has yet to be born. Fear, insecurity and an uncertain future feed repression and hinder progress. Time to Feel Free.