Iuna Tinta

This is how Iuna Tinta thinks about her art:

Growing up in Switzerland strongly linked me to the outdoors from a very early age. There is a feeling of being connected to earth when you’re out in nature, that keeps you grounded – It feels like being home.My mom always told me that after I’ve started drawing as a little girl I just never really stopped – until today. Art is not just something I do, it’s who I am in terms of expressing myself as an individual being. After I’ve graduated in Graphic Design I started to travel. I have always been very interested and attracted by the unknown. It’s not just the experience of being away that keeps you growing, but also the possibility to see your home from another perspective. My work is filled with the different places, cultures and people I got to know during the years abroad, and I am genuinely grateful for this life.

My work is inspired by the colours and shapes of pre-Columbian America, dark northern fairytales and the Japanese animal representation of Shinto. It also shows a strong influence of graphic design such as handdrawn lettering. I see myself as a bridge between illustration and art topped off with a pinch of typography.

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