Büro Destruct

Swiss Graphic Design Studio «Büro Destruct» founded 1994 in Bern by «HGB Fideljus» Berger & Lorenz «Lopetz» Gianfreda. In 1995 Marc «MB» Brunner & Heinz «H1» Reber joined the current group formation.

Since day one, BD has kept open the boundary between art and commercial graphic design, as testified to by the number and variety of techniques employed, and reflected in projects for clients from widely differing fields.

Publications, workshops and lectures around the world enable the Büro Destruct project to keep itself in a progress of continual renewal and to widen its contacts to Bern, the capital of Switzerland, in line with its motto: «Small City – Big Design».

Büro Destruct created a series of twenty wild creatures based on graphic shapes drafted with vectors, crafted with stencils and acryl.

Archaeologists brought to light astonishing features about it: Apparently, the individual Tribler directly relates to a working year of the graphic design collective Büro Destruct.

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