A colorful tribe - "The Triblers" by Büro Destruct December 07 2014

SOON Editions offers 20 limited screenprints by the amazing Büro Destruct from bern in Switzerland. All the prints were made by the renowned printmakers from Serigraphie Uldry.

Since their first day of working together, Büro Destruct has never limited itself to only graphic designs. The core members Lorenz “Lopetz” Gianfreda, Marc “MB” Brunner, “HGB Fideljus” Berger and Heinz “H1” Reber blurred the boundaries between art and commercial graphic design. They employ different techniques and never stop experimenting with new stuff. Over the years Büro Destruct has held numerous exhibitions, lectures and workshops that helped them to maintain contemporary. The collective is in constant renewal to widen it’s scope permanently. For the Tribler art project they worked with Serigraphie Uldry.

Uldry is a landmark institution for printmaking in Switzerland. In 1964 the name giving brothers Albin and Noëlle Uldry founded “Druck Ultra”. Since then artists, renowned graphic design studios and agencies have worked together with the Bern based printing studio. Uldry specializes in not standardizing. The print process is flexible and allows clients to experiment, try out and be creative. 

The Tribler art project is a Maya- and Chinese lettering influenced design reminiscent of the Invader mosaics. Each Tribler has its own story and character.

We will present the details to every Tribler over the coming weeks or you can read them in the "Tribler Book". Stay tuned.